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Our Law firm specializes in providing legal counsel and advice in all matters of business laws and taxes. We provide sound legal advice to companies during all important initial stages of setting up a business, drafting business contracts for all types of business structures and partnerships including banking contracts and agreements. In addition, we file your income tax returns and act as your legal advisor in tax prosecution cases.

Our consultants are experts in the special field of inheritance law and estate tax. We draft  your will, testamentary contracts, inventories of the estate and inheritance tax returns. We can also organize the administration of an estate and can execute a will.

Furthermore, we provide representation in cases involving international inheritance law. We have extensive experience and knowledge with complex estate settlements primarily in the USA, Switzerland and Spain.

Standard contract forms and standard power-of-attorney forms prepared for all future eventualities, sickness or old age are available on request. We also provide assistance with the laws governing the designation of guardians and caretakers. You may authorize us to take care of all your financial affairs.

For fast and effective recovery of debts, we recommend our excellent debt collection and enforcement department. Our working languages are German and English.

We offer advice in business matters, relying on strategies to avoid legal proceedings while at the same time taking all due and necessary care of the financial interests of our clients. For clients with international connections, we take great care to consider and observe foreign laws and customs where applicable. Additionally, we can draw on our long-standing relationship with our international colleagues.

Rechtsanwältin G. Renken-Roehrs
Specialist in (international) Inheritance, Corporate and Tax Laws.

Rechtsanwalt Mark Hannemann
Specialist in General Civil Laws, Corporate Law and Contracts.